Patrick LAGADEC has played a vital role in many different countries, including Canada (seminar for junior ministers in Quebec, interventions following the collapse of the electrical grid in 1998, lecture on civil protection in Quebec, lectures in Ontario); The United Kingdom (Home Office, chemical industry); Belgium (Brussels); Switzerland (Federal Chancellery); Argentina (Presidency of the Republic, vital networks - with the cooperation of Laura Bertone, Evolucion); The United Arab Emirates (security); Ivory Coast (Presidency of the Republic - training of 400 managers in the country); Mexico (Presidency of the Republic); Venezuela (oil and major risks); Latin America (Y2K changeover, with the cooperation of Laura Bertone); Russia (work in the post-Chernobyl era).

He has designed and led at least a hundred seminars for executive committees, administration managements, prefectures and defence zones. Of particular note: some ten seminars on the prevention and management of crises for Prefects (1990; 1994-2000), and for magistrates (2000-2001).

He has carried out some twenty debriefings within major companies. He has designed and participated in some thirty crisis simulations at central management level or on the ground.

In particular, he has been in charge of missions such as the following:

* Design and operation of a feedback exercise with postal operatives throughout continental Europe in the wake of the anthrax crisis (a "first" in Europe), La Poste-Posteurop, Paris, 27-28 November, 2002.

* Design and management of a public feed-back exercise (a "first" in France) following the blockage of the Aix-en-Provence to Nice motorway in February 2001; the same exercise was carried out at the request of the general director in charge of clientele at the SNCF, following a major network problem in March 2002.

* Feedback exercise on the destruction of Quebec's electrical grid in January 1998.

* "Strategic observation" alongside directors of the space programme, at Kourou, in the course of the second and third Ariane 5 launches.

* Feedback exercise on the response of a key actor in the hijack of an Air France Airbus in 1994.