20 November 2006: On behalf of Aéroports de Paris, Debriefing at Heathrow Airport with top level officials of British Airport Authority (BAA) after the August crisis (major threat on the flights).

27 September 2006: On behalf of Pierre Béroux, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Risk Management, Electricité de France, Patrick Lagadec has acted as the leader of the Rapid Reflection Force, set up to advise the crisis team at the highest level of the company during a simulation exercise focused on Pandemic flu.

28 April 2006 Workshop on "The evalution of Non conventional crises management", Presentation and Simulation, Chancellerie Fédérale, Strategische Führungsausbildung, Bern, Switzerland.

10-16 April 2006: Various meetings in Washington DC with a critical infrastructures officials, to launch transatlantic projects in the arena of unconventional crises.

14-15 March 2006: Presentation: "Emerging Risks: Critical Infrastructures in Barbarous Land", session 1: The problem and its Magnitude, Workshop: "Protecting our Future: Shaping Public-Private Cooperation to Secure Critical Information Infrastructure", National Press Club, Washington DC."

19-26 February 2006: On behalf of EDF, Risk Control Directorate, Pierre Béroux, Debriefing at New Orleans. Team: Xavier Guilhou (XAG), Daniel Madet (EDF), Jean-Pierre Roche (ADP), Erwan Lagadec (Harvard University). Terms of reference: "Critical Networks and Katrina: unconventional crises challenges, response and policy".
Report: Xavier Guilhou, Patrick Lagadec, Erwan Lagadec: "Crucial Facts, Further Considerations," Non-Conventional crises and critical infrastructures " Katrina: Report-back Mission, New Orleans, Gulfport, February 19-25, 2006 ; Washington, DC, March 13-15, 2006. EDF, Risk Management Division, July 2006 (Original French).

10-14 November 2005: Mission to Toronto with Electricité de France support to Learn from the Sars crisis and Toronto preparation for the flu pandemic, October 10-14 2005
Text: Managing Vital Activities in an Unpredictable world - The large network operators and pandemic risks, eDF, Direction du Contrôle des Risques, 10 November 2005
Introduction: Pierre Beroux, Senior Vice President, Risk Management Division
1. Patrick Lagadec: Issue Management - Flu Pandemic: core strategy
2. Pr William Dab and Patrick Lagadec: The Toronto Mission: Learning from the Sars crisis and preparing for the flu pandemic, October 10-14 2005

Rome, January 20-22, 2003: Presentation: "Strategic Responses to the NEO Hazard: Lessons learned from Crisis Management", OCDE Workshop: "Near Earth Objects: Risks, Policies and actions", European Space Research Institute (ESRIN), Frascati, Italy.

• The Asteroid/Comet issue: a good candidate for a lost battle
• The Asteroid/Comet issue: within the emerging global challenges framework
• The Asteroid/Comet issue: a new frontier to cross
• The Asteroid/Comet issue: being aware of normal fiascoes
• The Asteroid/Comet issue: positive responses
• The Asteroid/Comet issue: hitting the political agenda before the Earth.