17-18 September 2012: Patrick Lagadec: "Back to Wildness - Risks Theory and Practice in Crisis", International Conference, Risk After Fukushima - Crises, Disasters and Governance, CERI, Sciences Po, Paris.

29 November 2011: '"Confronted with the Unxepected - Prepared to be surprised", Introduction to the conference "Air Transport Pilots Facing the Unexpected", Air and Space Academy, DGAC, Paris.

26 November 2010 : Presentation "The role of a Rapid Reflection Force" during the "Expert Forum on Integrative Risk Management, discussing best practice national crisis and risk management frameworks", organised by the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue, Dr. Stephan Schreckenberg, Rüschlikon, Switzerland.

7 Avril 2010 : Keynote speaker : Crises in the 21st Century: "Time for Conceptual and Strategic Breakthroughs", Opening Ceremony, Conference : The Crisis – Challenges for Public Management, International Research Society for Public Management, IRSPM, www.irspm2010.com, Université de Berne, Suisse.

3 November 2009: Patrick Lagadec: "Rapid Reflection Forces – Meeting the Challenge of Mega Crises", Presentation to the Crisis Management Professional Interest Council, run by Ashley Paige Zohn, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, USA.

18-19 June 2009: Participation into the workshop 21st Century Mega-crises: New Challenges to Crisis Management, organized by Uriel Rosenthal, Chairman of COT Institute for Safety, Security and Crisis Managment, and the Netherlands Ministry of the Interior, The Hague.
Contribution : Patrick Lagadec: "The Megacrisis Unknown Territory: In Search of Conceptual and Strategic Breakthroughs" prepared for the June 18-19 The Hague Conference.
To be published in Uriel Rosenthal, Brian Jacobs, Louise K. Comfort, Ira Helsloot: Megacrises, CC Thomas, Springfield Ill., USA, forthcoming.

10-11 April 2008, Washington : Participation to the seminar "Unconventional Crises, Unconventional Responses: Reforming Leadership in the Age of Catastrophic Crises and Hypercomplexity", organised by the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, The Johns Hopkins University.

Introduction, Setting the Stage: "Unconventional Leadership, Voices from Europe and North America, Patrick Lagadec talking to Dr. James Young, Mike Granatt, Roy Williams, James Ellson, Christopher Babbs, Rodney Chard, Christian Frémont. Video.

Co-Coordinator of the session: A Generational Challenge: Teaching,  Knowledge, and the culture of leaders.

6-8 April 2008, Baton Rouge:  Surviving Future Disasters: Identifying critical challenges and effective strategies for transboundary disaster management, The Stephenson Disaster Management Institute (SDMI), Louisiana State University. Session 1: Exploring future crises and disasters. Patrick Lagadec : "A New Cosmology of Risks and Crises".

19 March 2008, London: Presentation: "Strategic Decision Making – International Perspective", London Local Authorities Chief Executives Resilience Summit, organised by : London Local Authority Gold, London Fire Brigade, London Councils.  - Planning

20 February 2008, Wilton Park (UK): Patrick Lagadec: "Future Patterns - From one crisis behind to one crisis ahead", Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience: Trans-Border Challenges, 18-20 February 2008, Wilton Park, 898.

28-29 January 2008, The Hague: "Crises in the 21st Century: Unconventional Crises, Unconventional Responses". National Safety & Security : Responding to risks to citizens, communities and the nation, Joint UK-Netherlands Conference, The Hague, 28-29 January 2008. Workshop 1 : What threatens us (now) ? Facilitator: Dr Paul Cornish, Head, International Security Programme, Chatham House, London. Speaker: Mr Eddie McLaughlin, Managing Director, Risk Consulting, Marsh Ltd, London. Speaker: Dr Patrick Lagadec, Director of Research, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris.

Patrick Lagadec : "21st Century Crises : A New Cosmology Urgently  Needed" (pp. 26-28), Magazine National Safety & Security and Crisis Management, Special Issue National Safety & Security,  Responding to risks and citizens, communities and the nation, Conference at The Hague, 28 & 29 January 2008, Cabinet Office (UK) and Ministry of the interior and Kingdom Relations (NL), March 2008. - Magazine

14 January 2008, Dubai : Patrick Lagadec: "Crises in the 21st Century: Unconventional Crises, Unconventional Responses", Intersec Middle East, EPOC Messe Frankfurt, January 13th to 15th 2008, Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, UAE.

23 November 2007 : Moderator and Speaker, in the Forum "European Civil Protection - Together in the face of disaster", 22-23 November 2007, European Commission, Brussels.
Moderator, Session : Looking at new threats
Keynote presentation : "Barriers in the Mind, Fiascos on the Ground"

25 June 2007 : Presentation : "Unconventional Crises, Unconventional Response - The concept of Rapid Reflection Force", International Joint Operations Command Conference, The University of Warwick, UK, 25-26 June 2007. Organized by Cava Media, Crisis Response Journal, Emily Hough. http://www.crisis-response.com

29 May 2007: Intervention "Global Warning - Here Lies Crisis Management", Dans le cadre de HRO (High Reliability Organizations), 29-31 May, Hôtel de l'Amirauté, Deauville. Normandy School of Management, Prof. Philippe Baumard, Ph.D, HRO 2007 Scientific Steering Committee Chair; Prof. Gerard Koenig, PhD HRO 2007 Organizing Committee Chair

14-16 March 2007, Washington : Participation to the seminar "Unconventional Crises, Unconventional Responses: Reforming Leadership in the Age of Catastrophic Crises and Hypercomplexity", organised by the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, The Johns Hopkins University.

7-9 March 2007, New Orleans : Participation to the workshop ECORISE "The Emergency-forum of City Officials on Rebuilding Infrastructure for a Sustainable Environment", organised by The French Consulate in New Orleans.

18 April 2006: Presentation: "Unconventional Crises", Organization for Security and Co-oparation in Europe and IRGC, Belgian Senate.

30 November 2005: "Unthinkable" events in "inconceivable" contexts, presentation, symposium New Answers to New Threats ?, Our Western society facing new security challenges, Panel 2, The vulnerability of our society organized by the Royal Military Academy, Brussels.

6 October 2005: Presentation: Crises-Mutations, Corporate University for a better understanding of the World, evening focused on: Non-conventional Crises: Rethinking Attitudes and Action in face of the Unexpected, Electricité de France, Av. Wagram, Paris;
Hosted by Ingrid Keller, Senior Vice President, Head of EDF Group Corporate University, Session Leader: Pierre Beroux, Senior Vice President, Risk Management ; Presided by Jean-Louis Mathias, Chief Operating Officer. Guest Speakers: François Heisbourg, Director, Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique ; Arnold Howitt, Executive Director, Taubman Center for State and Local Government, Executive Director, Programme for Crisis Management, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University ; Patrick Lagadec, Research Director, Ecole Polytechnique.
Organisation: BCL Communications, Paris

20-21 September 2005: Intervention, 2005 General Conference of the International Risk Governance Council (IRGC) - "Implementing a global approach to risk governance", Beijing Hotel, Pekin.
Presentation in session 1 ("Trans-boundary risks: why do we need a different approach ?"): "Transboundary Risks and Crises: Paradigm Shift, Strategic Jump".

Speech by Donald Johnston, Secretary General, OECD

14-18 September 2005: Presentations, and chairman of one session, fifth Annual IIASA-DPRI Forum, Institute of Disaster and Public Security, College of Resources Science and Technology, International Academic Exchange Center, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China. Integrated Disaster Risk Management - Innovations in Science and Policy.
1. Crisis Management in the 21st Century: "Unthinkable" Events in "Inconceivable" Contexts
2. Ice Storm in Quebec (5 January-15 February 1998): a very stimulating "success story".

July 7th 2005: Participation in the 2005 Conference Cycle: "Civil Defense and Protection in Europe" - How prepared are the main European countries to cope with exceptional threats and hazards?", EHSA (European Homeland Security Association www.e-hsa.org), Brussels, under the leadership of Christian Sommade. P. Lagadec was in charge of the unconventional simulation organised in the afternoon. Due to the events in London the same day, P. Lagadec reorganized the session and had sub-groups working on 4 interlinked subjects:
1. What is the problem?
2. New maps of players?
3. Key pitfalls to avoid?
4. Unconventional initiatives to be considered?

June 24-26th 2005: Participation in the ESF (European Science Foundation)-workshop, convened by R. Arjen Boin (NL), Mark Rhinard (NL) and Marcus Ekegren (Se): "Managing Crises in the European Union: A first Assessment." Paper: "Unconventional Crises and the European Union; Contributing to an International Audit of European Capacities". -

June 21 2005: Participation in the 1st Meeting on Improving Public Health Responses to Extreme Weather", World Health Organisation (WHO) Europe, European Center for Environment and Health, Rome. Presentation: "The Heat-Wave of 2003 in France - A Strategic Critical Review".

June 16 - June 18 2005: Participation in the 2005 Rueschlikon Conference on "Critical Information Infrastructures", Lewis M. Branscomb and Vicktor Mayer-Schönberger, conference co-chairs, The John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Hosted by Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue, Rueslikon; Presentation: "Emerging Issues: A Red Team Approach - Sun Tzu: Attack the Enemy's Mindset".

17-18 February 2005: "Emerging Crises - A Red-Team Approach", International Working Conference: EU Governance and Crisis Management, Session: Crisis Management in Europe - What Role for the European Union? Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Stockholm.

14-15 February 2005: International Risk Governance Council (IRGC, Geneva), Scientific and Technical Council meeting, held at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington DC.

30 November 2004: "Critical Industries Facing Terrorism - A Red Team Approach", Hazardous Industries (NBC) Facing Terrorism: Threat, Responses, Cooperation, FRS (Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique), CBACI (Chemical and Biological Arms Control Intitute), in cooperation with Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA), Maison de la Chimie, Paris.

24-26 November 2004: Co-organisation of the International Workshop: "Future Crises, Future Agenda - An assessment of International Crisis Reasearch", Sophia Antipolis, France (avec le Pôle Cindynique de l'Ecole des Mines, Jean-Luc Wybo).
Paper: "Crisis: A Watershed - From Local Specific Turbulences, to Global, Inconceivable Crises in Unstable and Torn Environments".

19 November 2004: Intervention: "Emerging Crises - Never Fight the Last War", International Conference, Ecole supérieure d'Application du Génie, Angers, 18-19 November 2004.

18 November 2004: Intervention: "Interdependent Critical Infrastructures Security - Operational Guidelines",
Colloque: "Homeland Security, Protection des Infrastructures critiques et nouvelles technologies de la sécurité - Critical Infrastructure protection and new technologies for security, Haut Comité Français pour la Défense Civile, Cambrai, 18-19 november 2004.

28 October 2004: Lunch Talk, Center for Risk Management and Decision Processes, OPIM Department - The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: "Why Crises are not Afraid of our Protection Systems? Decision-Making in Times of Ruptures and Severe Turbulences".

14 September 2004: Participation in the workshop: "Risks connected to a NEO impact", Round Table: "When alert becomes alarm ?", Organised by Pr. Marcello Fulchignoni, Université Denis Diderot - Paris 7, Observatoire de Paris - LESIA, Chateau de Meudon, 13-14 september 2004.

Geneva, 29 June, 2004: "A Changing Risk Landscape Time to Show Initiative, Patrick Lagadec's presentation, Session: "A Changing Risk Landscape - An Agenda for Action, with Donald Johnston, OECD Secretary General and Ragnar Löfstedt, Professor of Risk Management, King's College London, International Risk Governance Council, Inaugural Conference.

Cork, 2-5 June 2004: Presentation and paper prepared with Erwann Michel-Kerjan (The Wharton School, Philadelphia): "Critical Networks under Threat – The 2002 Paris Initiative, Anthrax and Beyond" 12th Conférence on Postal dans Delivery Economics, Center for Research in
Regulated Industries, The State University of New Jersey Rutgers, June 2-5, 2004, Cork, Ireland.

Disaster Research Center, Newark (Delaware, USA), 29 April-1st May 2004: contribution "Risks, Crises, Ruptures: A Whole New Ball Game - "inconceivable challenges call for inconceivable responses". Session: "Disaster Research: Theoretical and Methodological Contributions and Challenges". Disaster Research Center's (DRC) 40th Anniversary Conference. Newark, Delaware, 30 04 2004.

Stockholm, November 17-18, 2003: Critical Infrastructure Protection and Civil Emergency Planning – New Concepts for the 21st Century
Grand Hôtel, Stockholm, Sweden. Swedish Emergency Management Agency

Patrick Lagadec gave a talk in the panel: "Mobilising Research and Technology
How can research and technology provide "just-in-time" solutions for managing rapidly evolving threats dans vulnerabilities?"

And gave a paper untitled: Critical Infrastructures and Governance: New Frontiers, New Visions, New Partnerships

London, October 7-9, 2003: 'Business Resilience in Times of Severe Turbulence' at the Global Business Continuity Congress.

Geneva, October 28-29 2003: “Critical Infrastructure and Continuity of Services in an Increasingly Interdependent World”, GCSP, Geneva Center for Security Policy, Geneva.
Patrick Lagadec was consulted for the whole concept
He was in the opening session: "Risks and Emerging Crises: A whole new ball game" and in the conclusion session.

Minnowbrook (NY), August 6-10 2003: US/EU Crisis Management Conference, Minnowbrook Conference Center. Contribution:
Patrick Lagadec: “Preparing Key Leaders and Organisations for the Unconventional and the Unthinkable in a Turbulent World – From Crisis Management to Governance Sustainability”.

Aberdeen, June 2–6, 2003: NATO/Russia Advanced Workshop - University of Aberdeen: "Forecasting and Preventing Catastrophes"
Talk: "Management’s Role in Crisis Prevention and Management" .
Discussion Paper: " SARS: How to Manage globalised Crises?"

Bratislava, January 23-25, 2003: UNDP Conference for South-East European Countries: "Building Transnational Crisis Management Capacity: an exploration of viable ways to improve civil security in South-East Europe", Bratislava, Slovakia, 23-25 January 2003.
Analyst of the Simulation exercise, a continent-scale public health threat

• First stage: Each Nation for itself (mere technical approach, no strategic thinking and organization)
• Second stage: Global disruption under ways (no strategic analysis and tackling of global dynamics at international level)
• Third stage: International initiative (but: too late)
• Fourth stage: Back to the Nations (and stimulating networking efforts between some Nations)
• Fifth stage: Threat for Nations (lack of Governance)
• Sixth stage: Media driven dynamics
• Conclusion: Emerging global crises as institution killers/ International preparation as the key to shared success.

New York, November 7-8, 2002: "Risk and Response in turbulent times: Paradigm Shifts", Workshop on "Innovations in managing risks under situations of uncertainty", Columbia University-Institut des Sciences Politiques de Paris (Allianz Program), New York.

Aberdeen, June 10-11, 2002: Presentation: "Crisis Management in severe Turbulences", during the symposium: "Critical Incident Management Conference", organized by Rhona Flinn, The Industrial Psychology Group, University

9th January 1998: Patrick Lagadec: Accidents, crises, breakdowns - Theaters of vulnerability in transformation - Training senior managers - A One Day Meeting at the Society of Chemical Industry London,

"Crisis learning strategy: from crash response to in-depth preparation", UK European Civil Protection Conference, Emergency Planning Conference 1993, London Metropole Hotel, 6-8 July 1993.

3-4 November 1989 : "Principles and check-list handling post-accident crises", The Second International Conference on Industrial and Organizational Crisis Management, The Industrial Crisis Institute, New York University.

21-31 August 1983: "Major Technological Risks: French Policy, Prevention and Emergency Management", NATO Advanced Study Institutes Program - Technology Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Risk Analysis: Contributions from the Psychological and Decision Sciences, Les Arcs (France).