Flu pandemic A H1N1
Patrick Lagadec: A(H1N1) flu: "A rapid reflection force is needed",  
interview Le Monde, By Paul Benkimoun, Le Monde, 7 June 2009, page 4. (translation into English, original French)

Financial global Crisis
[quote] in Sue Cameron, "Too flash by half", Financial Times, FT.com, October 22, 2008.

Katrina, Avian Flu
Tuesday November 1 2005: Patrick Lagadec and Erwann Michel-Kerjan: "A new era calls for a new model", International Herald Tribune

Terrorist attacks in London, July 2005:
"Restore confidence, emerge from crisis", Le Figaro, page "Débats et Opinions", mardi 2 août 2005 , page 12. Translation.

"Referendum in France and the Netherlands", May 2005, Le Figaro, page Débats et Opinions, samedi 4 juin, pages 18. Translation.

"Journey to the heart of an implosion" Tsunami, 29 December 2004
Patrick Lagadec et Xavier Guilhou : Banda Aceh Earthquake-Tsunami, 26 December 2004 - "For Whom the Swell Tolls?", Cahier du Laboratoire d'Econométrie, n° 2005-001